The year was 1888 and gunfire had not been silenced for long from the uncivil war that ripped the country apart. This year found Grover Cleveland winning the Presidency, yellow fever spreading in the south claiming over 400 lives, the introduction of the first electric automobile, Yale winning the college National Championship, and the New York Yankees winning the World Series and within the Churches of Christ, James A. Harding and T.B. Larimore were among the most sought after preachers and the Highland Home College led the way in helping evangelize the South.

The community of Hamilton Crossroads sprung up soon after the civil war. It was named after Mr. Lum Hamilton, who ran the local store in the community. In 1988, a man by the name of Dr. S.I.S. Cawthon, made his first of several visits to the crossroads. Dr. Cawthon was a doctor by profession prior to his conversion to Christ; however, he gave that up to preach the simple gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. Cawthon approached Mr. Hamilton with the interest of starting a congregation in the community.

His efforts peaked the interests of several women and men who built a brush arbor for shade as Dr. Cawthon preached. soon after, the Pea River waters would be used to baptize several men and women of the community. The local school house opened its doors to these men and women and soon the church numbered 103. For several years the young congregation held their worship services at the local school houses. However, around 1902 opposition arose over the use of public facilities being used for religious services. So, a small vacant lot was found north of the Carter Brother's Manufacturing Company and a small building erected to house the Christian family. Ten years later, 1912, a need for a new building arose and Mr. Sam Clark was hired to oversee the construction of the building. This building still stands today and holds many wonderful memories for a large number of the members. For 50 years this building served as the location of meeting for the membership of Hamilton Crossroads. In September of 1962, the decision was made to purchase 2 acres of land from Robert and Neil McClendon for the purpose of erecting a new building. Once again the church had outgrown the current facilities. On January 7th, 1962 the new building was dedicated and ever since has served the current membership.

Over the years, the church at Hamilton Crossroads has experienced steady numerical growth and spiritual growth. Several men over the years have served the Lord's church as elders. They are: T. L. Medley, Charlie Carter, Charlie Shiver, A. A. Shiver, Kenneth Harris, Pharaoh Senn, and the present elders Frank Davis, Harry Sanders, and Dekalb Miles. A number of men have served the church in a full time capacity and they are: Jerry Humphreys, Easten Macon, Jess Curry, Clifford Dixon, Woodrow Smith, B. B. Harding, Roger Jackson, Jim Hatcher, Dan Ledford, Doug Williams, Dale Jenkins, Rodney Tidwell, and presently Elisha Freeman.

Through the years the church at Hamilton Crossroads has had an amazing impact on the surrounding communities. With a strong reputation in the community, this congregation of about 130 members, 3 elders, and 4 deacons still strives to be New Testament Christians.


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